Soulless Mutilators in progress shots.

Did I mention magnets? I’ve never magnetised anything but bases before, and I think I’ve thrown myself into the deep end. 

At first I was drilling a recess into the arm, and into the socket. I found it easier to drill the size of both magnets into the socket, and have the magnet external on the arm.
Then skin on these was easy, I don’t know why I found these easy, but not the witches! It’s Bugmans Glow, Cadian Fleshtone, and Kislev flesh. These probably some wash at some point. Oh sorry, Shade… 

4 thoughts on “Soulless Mutilators in progress shots.

  1. WSTZ - James says:

    Couple of questions for you. I don’t quite follow what you did with the magnets on these arms. Could you elaborate on what you did if possible? Without magnetizing did you have issues with the arms snapping off? Also, how did you go about painting the armor on the Chaos warriors? Was it silver with a purple wash?

    I’ve been searching the net trying to find people who have painted this team and yours is all I have found.



    1. CrystalMCDoll says:

      I wanted to magnetise the arms because of all the mutation options for them. My partner did the arms on the Minotaur, so I tried to copy. Which was drilling into the parts and glueing the magnet internally.
      I tried a few of the others this way, but I didn’t like it.

      I ended up drilling only into the body of the miniature, but deep enough for two magnets to fit, and flatten the edge of the arms for a magnet to be glued onto. You obviously have to be careful when lining it up that you don’t glue the magnets together haha!

      The painted armour of the chaos warriors is silver fully highlighted, warplock purple thinned down with medium and then further highlights with silver. I also added a thin black shade to add some shadow, but highlighted up again where needed.


      1. CrystalMCDoll says:

        Also, they were very heavy, and hard to balance, so I dropped them often and arms fell off, and paint gets chipped. I would’ve preferred them in resin.


      2. WSTZ - James says:

        Thanks for the clarification! I am starting to prefer resin over metal for the same reasons. I’ve found mounting the mini to a wine cork stops me from dropping them while painting, but I’ve never been able to stop paint from chipping off metal regardless of how much varnish I use.

        Great paint job and a very fine looking team.

        Thanks again

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