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Navy Breachers Pt.2

You’ll never believe me if I just say it, so I’ll have to show you… I didn’t use Dark Reaper in my colour scheme! I really like the colour scheme on the box art, but still wanted to try my own spin on it. I was already decided on how I’d do the brass armour;… Read more Navy Breachers Pt.2

Kill Team: Into the Dark.

Navy Breachers – Rob (@nomadvandal) Back when I started the hobby (this time around) I soon started planning a lot of different kill teams. I always liked the Imperial Guard’s aesthetic, humble troops rallying against the Galaxy’s unthinkable horrors, so they became a focus for my efforts. One day whilst scrolling through artwork online looking… Read more Kill Team: Into the Dark.

Tiny Squares

Here is a visual of how I do my squares. This took me about 30 mins. I start with a single square, then I add some lines for some squares from the corners. I fill them in when I am happy with the placement, but often need to readjust. I’m using Sotek Green, and Gauss… Read more Tiny Squares

My Nurgle Journey

I started collecting Nurgle because I wanted to have one base, full of Nurglings. But really, I have been attracted to the “grossness” of Nurgle for a while now. I have collected only a few marines and pox walkers at the moment, but I have enjoyed every minute of my building and painting so far.… Read more My Nurgle Journey


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