Blood Bowl 2

This probably comes as a huge surprise, I know, but I love playing Blood Bowl 2 on my Xbox 1. I am also pretty sure it’s because the computer isn’t very smart…

We have done a couple of leagues as “Riots” (Team Romford) and the first, I lost every game (Norse I think) and the second as Chaos. The second went very well for me. I killed many with my minotaur. I then set up another Chaos team to play against the computer. I really wish I could (or if you can, I knew how) rename my players once they have developed some character. I have one Chaos Warrior which has only just got his first skill! That’s with me focussing on him to try to get him points. He ever fumbles, strokes them lovingly or hit’s himself. And my Beastman which is basically a runner. I accidentally spent money on re-rolls which cost me so much and I had to sell them again, wasted. There was no point having that many, I would just be giving away inducements. One of the Warriors has Leader, so 4 altogether is enough for now. I find that after beating the other team up in the first half ( I usually choose defending) I have re-rolls spare int he second.

I would like to be clear here however, that no matter how good I feel at this game, if I were to play in a human league, I doubt it would last! Below is a screen shot of my current Chaos Team, and two videos which I think sum up Blood Bowl.


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