Orc Team

So excited I have started a new Orc team, being unhappy with my wood elves, and chose some big smashy Orcs.

I got annoyed at my stupid wood elves who couldn’t dodge, so I have changed for some orcs who can’t seem to punch. Sigh

I had a better time customising them because they are plastic, and there was so much choice anyway, but I’m playing in a league and it allowed me to bring a troll into my army too! I am having so much fun playing around with him!! I have made his hand seem to be throwing; or holding a goblin, while one is going to be hanging on for dear life at the back. (Let’s hope none get eaten!) The troll has so much green stuff to make the model look like it could be like that, but when it is painted, all should be cool! The little goblins though… As I was using a 40k box or lotsa mixed stuff, they needed to be changed. I changed the arms on the goblin in the air to a raised first and a pointing finger, as if telling the troll what to do, and the second was made to look like he was gripping the troll, and his body was swinging. He needs more changing on his legs, but I smoothed the weapon attachments, and moved the arm attached to the body (which took ages). 

I am still experimenting with players still, varying the types and skills of each. The best way to find out what works is to play! And so, have started playing in a league. My tactics are still well off, but I managed to get a draw in the last game! Having only ever played against one team, as Dark Elves, meaning I haven’t had much experience with other teams and other strategies.

In August I am also playing in a tournament, and playing people I don’t already know, which is a little bit scary! But anyway! On to it!

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