Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game .2

This is just a quick note to show you guys some of my favourite cards. I will update this post when I come across them. 

We have played a few games now, I am the rogue, loner elf. I use throwing axes and longbows. I have a dog and another lady elf as allies, and LOVE finding barrier cards. 
This one however, is the best yet!

Update, 26 October.
Since the original post we have played a few games. The next picture is from a previous date of play. I just thought it was great. It is an ally card, unlike barriers, can be put in your hand.

My favourite from the last nights play was this dagger. We encountered it a few times or closed the deck so not even able to try and pick up the dagger. We eventually picked it up as a group, and it was given to the dexterous, giant killing dwarf. 

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