Halfling Update!

Just a quick post about my in progress Halfling team.

And honestly, I started playing Chaos on the Xbox One, BB2 game, and now I think I’ll probably play those at the NAF Championship. That is if they arive on time. I pledged for them on Indiegogo and there have been a few issues.

Anyway, back to the title post.

I love these shamblers as tree men, the Halflings are a little big in my eyes. But I have since bought the Forgeworld halfling ref, and he’s huge so maybe not… šŸ˜‚

Here are some photos!








I can’t remamber the colours I used. Most likely Dryad Bark as a base up to either bleached bone, or a sickly green tinted colour. I rarely paint clean straight to white, I think other colours make it look more natural. I don’t dry brush either.

When I paint the last Shambler, I will make not of the paints I use.


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