For Honour (Beta)


It was strongly suggested to me that I should try the For Honour beta on Xbox One. I knew it was a game coming out, but that was is. “It’s multiplayer medieval battles and it’s awesome” is how it was described to me. I wasn’t really expecting it to make me love it, but the art for it on the store looked interesting and well done, so I downloaded it.

For some reason what I was expecting from this, was something with armies and great big battles. What it is a 3rd person perspective battle. So there are large battles (ish) but you are just one part. I only tried one game type after playing what I had to play to get into the game. I did start to enjoy it too! Coordinating with my team mates was what made it though, and some games were frustratingly awful. The Viking and the Samurai stand out as the worst opponents. A devastating reach from the samurai with quick feet, and a brutal frontal assault from the viking. It makes you feel you can’t counter, totally overwhelms you, then you die.

Here are some screenshots. The opening was very pretty.


I have a clip of the intro to add-on to, but I am not able to do anything with it on the Xbox; many error codes, but maybe it will work at a later time.

I definitely would play this again, the game mode we were playing was long enough that you could turn the battle many ways, and short enough that it wasn’t drawn out or boring.

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