The NAF Championship.

Let it be known, Nuffle doesn’t like me attending this weekend, and I do not have good dice. So I have all my Blood Bowl dice with me. 

I had a look at my win/loss ratio last night and it hit that point home. I don’t really mind because I love the atmosphere of this weekend and connecting with people who share the love of Blood Bowl. My only worry is that this Championship, there are many more people attending than usual, I guess due to the recent surge of the game. I just hope they are the same good sports that the majority of players usually are! 

I’m taking my Himeros Chaos team, named Soulless Mutilators (S&M). 4 standard skills and 1 double on day one, which are block on my Minotaur and 3 Chaos Warriors and two arms on one beastman.

Now, to breakfast!

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