Day 2

Game 4

3-2 loss. Caused 5 casualties, took 2. Chaos Warrior turn 1, (new skill of claw not used) Minotaur towards the end of first half.

Would have been a draw, but I was playing a young kid who wanted to try a one turn touch down. So I scored rather than punched his players, let him set up his turn 8. His first few rolls perfect, he had to do a 2 die up hill block, a skull and a push. He looked so sad! So I chose the push, and he proceeded to successfully complete the one turn touch down and claim a spot prize!

Game 5

2-0 win against Orcs! 1 casualties caused on turn 15, the only one of the game. Both my opponent and I seemed to roll a lot or 4’s and 5’s… Also, turn 7 second half, I lined up a great, unlikely to happen, play. He pops the ball from my mutated Beastmen, Chaos Warrior catches it. My turn 8, run him out to do a short pass, make it, he failed to intercept, I catch it. Beastmen dodges out and hands off, he dodges out and goes for it to score! Wooo Elf Chaos!

Game 6!!

0-0 draw, and I can’t remember how many casualties…

It was hard-fought as he almost scored twice! Stole the ball in my half, but I blitzed him with two go for its, pushed him to the edge, and the green skin failed to dodge away!

The second time was a lot of dodging, going for it and blitzing very close to my end zone. I dodge into two tackle zones, the ball went off the pitch with a touchback very far in, he threw it back, and I made him drop it again. Was a great game!

4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Anthony Neal Emmel says:

    Very nice! Especially taking the push with the kid; good move! I was in a tournament a couple of weeks back playing a 16 y.o. kid; I had Chaos and kept crowd-surfing his dwarves. after the 3rd time, I paused to show him how I was doing it. In a later round he pulled it off against my wife!

    By the way, who makes those awesome skill rings?

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  2. Josh DeNully says:

    team looks great! That’s awesome that you did that for the kid. A guy did that for my son at our last tourney in Salt Lake city it

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