J-Bone Industries Frog Man Team

I received some frogs!!!! I am not sure how I am going to paint them yet, I have two ideas. One which starts purple and ends ice blue, the other is black and grey. I plan to look up some pictures of frogs and see if I can find a colour scheme.

The campaign over on Indiegogo was over 600% completed, which is amazing! Sculpted by Pedro Ramos, before the campaign started, so it was easy to see what we were pledging to. The Big Croaker is what sold it for me I think, I love big buys (badumtish) and he looked so exciting to paint! I pledged for a full team, and added on a coach and the no.1 fan. I really wish I had added on the rest of the add on’s too, and when they are available I will! As long as they are available…

This is a picture of the sculpts from the campaign page.


I love the art work!


My experience of opening my parcel is below, not yet even on the bases due to the NAF Championship this weekend. Which was great!

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