I was looking forward to this tournament for a while and it did not disappoint! It was located at the local independent game store The Game Shop, as a store, they are always welcoming and have put aside many things for me in the past. When they mentioned to us they were thinking about hosting a tournament I couldn’t believe my luck!

The day was up in one of the gaming rooms of the shop, with bunting and beautifully prepared welcome gifts, not forgetting the ball cookies (Blood bowl balls that is!!). I’ve included some notes on the event, as my memory is poor and I didn’t want to seem unengaged in my games. My list is pretty much the same as before, see a previous amazon post, (1300000 points, 2 skills after each game doubles on a 6) only swapped Willow for a catcher.



Game 1.

Against Norse. I thought this would be a tough game because of block. It wasn’t. It was a tough game because of my dice rolls.

3-2 against Casualties 2-0 against Touch downs. Much pain.
Chainsaw took out Karla first turn. This game was full of 1 re-roll 1 on go for its, skulls and both downs. 4 re-rolls were used up super quick.

Gave Mighty blow to a blitzer and Jump up to another.


Game 2 

Against Norse. I was very aware of the armour here, I didn’t think I’d get any casualties. Mighty blow was not affective.

Gained an extra re-roll after scoring and killing a black orc (in the first turn) second half. Orc goes for it to score, 1,1 and fails to equal. The ball comes back 8 squares in.

After some mess, line woman dodges on 5+, picks up 4+ passes on 5+, line woman fails the 3+ to catch.

Ends 1-0 win 1-2 casualties

Gave a catcher Block and a blitzer strip ball.


Game 3 

Halflings. Last time I played this team it was awful. This time I squashed the pretend halfling beasties!

Dodge handoff pass go for its score. Halfling rolled 1, 1, 3 both halves getting none of my re roles Wahey.

Ends win 2-1 casualties 3-2


Over all, I ended up 5th in the rankings, which I am pleased with and I also almost finished painting my Amazons in time for the event! The bases are a lot more grassy than I am used to doing them, and I did them at 11:30 the night before, after 8 cocktails and 2 ciders. I’ve put some photos down below, the lighting wasn’t as clean as the daylight bulb I use to paint under at home, so they look less pale than they are.



The tournament overall felt very calm, very relaxed and enjoyable. I look forward to the next, which is called Squigbowl.

Below are some pictures credited to The Game Shop, published in the write up of the event which can be found here.


Thank you for reading and I would appreciate feedback if any reading want to comment on this blog. If you’re new, have a look at my previous posts. I don’t post regularly, but I have some interesting teams to paint still!

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