A catch up

Again, it has been a long time since my last post. Various reasons for this which will be skipped.

What have I been doing?

I’ve picked up some new games which I want to play, spreading my focus from Blood Bowl. These games are Warhammer 40K Kill Team and Adeptus Titanicus. That said, I am playing in an online Blood Bowl league, a table top Blood Bowl league with another Blood Bowl league starting soon.

How far have I got into these games?

Well for Kill Team I have had one “learn some rules” game and have a built team, in the process of being painted. I’ve also built SO MUCH scenery. Adeptus Titanicus has been purchased and nothing else.

Posts to come?

Posts on my in process Goblin Blood Bowl team, my in progress painted KT Orks, scenery and the development of my gaming table. I’m also going to post some nice pictures of some other things painted between then and now/tournaments I’ve attended.

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