The Deathskullz beginning.

When starting an army, it’s important to get the basics down. For me, that means creating a winning army.

I’m lying.

I started by buying some Killa Kans and a Morkanaut. Followed this by a Mek and a Start Collecting! Box set.

Bought a stompa.

Bought some MegaNobz.

Reaching this point I’d played 2 games, and was advised I needed some boys. I realised I actually needed HQs. The other games I had played had been a mix of my toys and a friends, and all of the HQ models were not owned by me.

I now have bought a truck, more boys and MegaNobz and grotz. I’m using a Weirdboy from AOS and I’m planning to use the kits I have to make some more HQs.

THEN I’ll try painting some more.

I’m lying

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