Kill Team: Into the Dark.

Navy Breachers – Rob (@nomadvandal)

Back when I started the hobby (this time around) I soon started planning a lot of different kill teams. I always liked the Imperial Guard’s aesthetic, humble troops rallying against the Galaxy’s unthinkable horrors, so they became a focus for my efforts.

One day whilst scrolling through artwork online looking for inspiration, I came across the image of some Imperial Navy armsmen decked out in heavy space suits with bulbous helmets. Half old fashioned deep-sea diver, half 1950’s space man. Needless to say, I loved the look and the Navy’s troops became the focus of my plans for a while.

After trying and failing to recreate the look of the artwork, I gave up. Besides, there was a new version of Kill Team on the horizon and with it, the promise of new minis! The Krieg release in Kill Team: Octarius soon lead to my kit-bashed Cadian veterans, but alas, still nothing was quite right for my armsmen project.

As soon as I saw the reveal for Kill Team: Into the Dark, I was massively excited and as the images of the Navy Breachers started appearing on WarCom I knew these were the minis I’d been waiting for. The sculpts looked excellent with their chunky mag-boots, brazen body armour and bulky shotguns, The look was taken straight from that old concept art image I’d stumbled across all those many months before.

I have to say, the sprues alone look so good. They’re absolutely rammed with bits and the details are beautifully crisp.

There were minimal mould lines on the bits, and those were pretty easy to get at to clean off. The model fits together very nicely and the arms have well positioned contact points so I elected to build him in sub-assemblies. The below photo for example, has arms tacked on.

I chose to assemble the operative wielding a massive power axe, the Navis Axejack.

Now, for the paint job. I’m actually a massive fan of the box art colours, the dark blue pairs so nicely with the dull brass armour. I could spend a long time fiddling with colours and not come up with something that says “Imperial Navy” quite as well as that. Although, I do tend to lean towards more muted tones for my guard teams, opting for the blue-grey tones of Dark Reaper instead of the usual brighter blue of The Fang for my 122nd Cadians.

Now, how would I go about painting a muted dark blue on my Breachers…? Guess I should start shaking my pot of dark reaper again.

Crystal here, a big thank you to Games Workshop for sending us this copy to review. The lite set of rules for Kill Team: Into the Dark can be found here!


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