My Troll (cont.)

So, these are my Whams trolls. As most things I paint, they are still unfinished, but you get the idea!

The slate was placed so it slightly overlaps each base. The colour isn’t quite so bright is actuality, the photo with the white backing is close to actual colours.
The previous post was relating to my BB Troll. I will try and Get a new picture of said troll, as the picture within the post decided to not be working. I will also take some pictures of the Orc team. Da’ Tuff Nutz.

For the painting of the red on these trolls, and really any red which is supposed to be a organic material, I started with a black spray base. I used Games workshop paints, last generation. Scorched Brown on top of the black followed by:
Another Scorched Brown 
Mix of S.B and Scab Red
Scab Red
S.R mixed with Blood Red
And are awaiting one final Blood Red highlight.
 For the green, I started with Orkhide Shade, Highlighted up to Snot Green although I’m not sure how light I want the flesh. 

The bone was painted with Graveyard Earth, with Bleached Bone detail highlights, and are due some mixed B.B and Skull White edge highlights. I think the wood was Druid Bark, with a Graveyard Earth Mix highlight. Probably put some Dev.Mud wash on that S**T! That stuff was magic!
 My next goal is to paint up some friends for these guys! I have three more black based ones, as well as a custom made troll using leftover bits. It is hard to describe so I shall get some photos up once they have a little paint on.

My army has a purple and red colour scheme, however as the red on the majority or the army is highlighs, and the purple are the cloaks and clothes, I would try and imitate something similar for my trolls.
As you can see they are unfinished, I may add some purple warpaint, and thet definitely need basin. The un-brown bits of base with be some swampy water!

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