Conclusion to the Start.


I really enjoyed this game, it was good to have to make such choices on your own morality. My character has had a hard life and isn’t good with human authority figures, or trusting any one at all. It totally fits her character to screw over the Arl, but seeing the children in such distress pulled at her heart strings. She didn’t want to see the weak being targeted. Even if they were not aware. I named her Briana after an elf servant from the DA books.

I’m excited for the next time we play, can’t wait to level up! We were rewarded with 600 exp, and the warrior an additional 200. For knowing logs were the best way across the chasm. Boo! I found once piece of gold in the lock box, along with 80 silver. And 13 cp from the Genlock alpha. I gave the other heroes’ 20 pieces of silver each. I don’t know them well enough to split the gold!!

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