Blight Owl and Booms

Trudging through the undergrowth and knowing we are close to the location of the children, we hear a ‘whoooot’ and see a horrid looking owl, the size of bulldog! It’s circling us as if it plans to eat us. Which I hope it doesn’t manage to.

As an archer I expected to you know, be able to shoot arrows. Nope, missed every time. When it went in for an attack we had an opportune moment to lay the smack down. When we managed to hurt the blasted thing, we noticed its call change to ‘woooot’. It died, eventually, and we exited the tree line. 

Emerging from the trees we are thrown into a scene of devastation. We saw dead guards next to dead darkspawn, even darkspawn, and an upturned wagon. I noticed a sparkly looking lock box, on my way to loot it, which I managed, have some gold, and have some silver! The eerily silent night was disturbed by a shrill scream, sounding like a child; we rush to the direction it emitted from. 

At the top of an outcropping we saw a group in the distance, the children, a female knight and Alenkas’ contact Ser Blaker, trying to flee a knot of darkspawn. On our way to the rescue we had to try and pass over a treacherous gorge, so I decided to climb on top of the up turned wagon instead and practice my archery, the enemy were well within my range. The rest of the team decided to all cross the gorge. The poor Apostate, this seemed to be the first time from the nest, his first mission, fell into the gorge, multiple times, maybe he fell in a well-placed puddle, or tripped on the hem of his cloak…. He was soon set upon by darkspawn, many darkspawn. Suddenly, howling can be heard and blight wolves appear, flanking the children and their companions!

After a few arrows I am attacked by a single darkspawn of my own. However noticing the other Elf in danger, I try backstabbing one of the enemies surrounding him, while he tries to heal himself. Alenka manages to freeze one of the darkspawn, and the warrior tries, and fails to smash it; luckily the creature was already deceased. The knights are trying to handle the blight wolves that flanked the small group, and go back to protecting the children.

The enemy was bested and it was time to return to our decision. The dwarf takes the knight, Ser Bridget, off to one side, as I convince the Circle Mage I am totally on her side to which she says on my lead we will remove all opposition. Yet as she turned, I stabbed her in the back. Sneaky elveses!

The warrior tried to put himself between Ser Blaker and the children. However, as the children have never met our party before they see us as the threat. The boy looks to be wetting his pants and the girl, turns out she is a budding Mage! She let out a cry, and a pulse threw the warrior to the ground. Thankfully she passed out. Would be a shame for them to get hurt after our efforts to save them. Ser Bridget, the proud and good, put a blade through The Black Knight, and we put down the Mage, after she sucked much of the life out of me! We took her alive.

Our heroes convince the children not to run and that we are protecting them, take them back to their father, and collect the pittance of a reward. Yet gain a powerful ally in the Mother of the children. Lady Macia.

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