Cancelled Tournanents

All over the world people have the ability to organise their own Bloodbowl Championships.

Sadly, this year, many of these small tournaments are having to cancel. I just wonder if its because there are now too many, or if there is a lack of publicity kid of thing? Maybe its actually to do with money.

Eventually, I want to attend some of the smaller tournaments but it seems by the time I can afford too, they may all be gone!!

Cancelled to date:

Riots Championship
ETC Open
Amersfoort Amok
Carnage Cup- Now back on!

And these are just the ones I know about! We should show some support for these small gatherings or they will all disappear!! 

The Riots is one I was looking forward to, it has run for the last two years and I have gone every year. But if I am the only person, it isn’t much of a tourney! 

2 thoughts on “Cancelled Tournanents

  1. Fern Kali says:

    I think next year will be worse because of the World Cup. We're almost certainly not running our Speed Bowl tourney, but will probably still hold the main event. This year will be the 6th year for it and we've noticed a steady decline in numbers over the last couple of years.

    if you can get to the smaller tournaments, then it's fantastic and I love the friendships I've built up on our local circuit, but it seems everyone's skint at the moment 😦


  2. Al says:

    Actually the Exiles Open has been a steady 20-24 coaches every year, with the anomaly of 2011 Rise of the Cheerleaders that had 42.
    As for SpeedBowl, at this time I wont be running it as I dont think it attract many due to it being a world cup year.


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