It’s time for my first post on MINECRAFT. I wasn’t aware of Minecraft until my boyfriends young cousins told me about it and how amazing it was. Their childhood enthusiasm actually convinced me I should play the game, even with the 10-15 years difference in our age..

And now, years later I still love the game. I played mainly on my own exploring the game maps, digging and finding caves for the most part. Last year however, when I started a new job, I found a group of people who also enjoy Minecraft. None of us are particularly great at building, we all seem to be great diggers and explorers though! I even managed to convince my sister to buy the game and play with us to!

I’ve completed the game on my xbox 360 now and I look forward to the Xbox One version. We have all moved on to new consoles and games, but miss the times of Minecraft. We often say, lets play Minecraft and end up playing Titanfall! I think I will post some old photos if I can find them, and future build ideas and creations!

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