Group Decision.

For the Naf Championship 2017, we decided to all play as a stuntie team and see how far we can go. We decided this at the Naf Championship 2016. I was fine with this, even starting to put together a team I could use as stuntie, Halfling, which was different from the rest.
I found some Treemen, Mantic Forest Shamblers.

I found some Halflings,  Tor Gamings Vaettir Varriers

 All through this, I was receiving updates from my various crowdfunded teams. I was also playing Bloodbowl on the Xbox one. We were playing a league with the hopes of each player using a different team, and I decided on Chaos. And I loved it! My minotaur (and his destructive claws) annihilated his opponents! One on my crowdfunded team was beast men and I really want to play more with them now! I doubt the dice will work as well when I actually touch them though.

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