Design Home (Reminiscent of Sims?)

I know what you’re thinking, does this count as a game? But honestly, it’s been keeping me so entertained.

One of my intro games when I was little, along with Zoo Tycoon and some fish feeding game online, was The Sims. The part I liked the most was the building and designing the houses. I love getting the available awards for home design. I don’t remember what they were specifically any more, but I think one was economic house design (easy for sims to navigate).

The last sims I played was Sims 2, and I still have many of the expansions too, sitting on a shelf in my parents home. I might even re play it.

Back to Design Home. It is a fairly simple game. You have a select amount of items which you own after completing the tutorial, and you design themed rooms in houses. It’s a free to play game with in-game purchases. So far I have spent no money, but there are “free” ways to earn one of the in game currencies. Diamonds are what you can earn for free, or spend money on. You can transfer these to keys or cash. Cash and diamonds can be used to buy different furniture and ornaments from the store, and keys are used to enter room designs. You can also earn keys buy voting on other people’s house designs, the winner (I’m not sure if there are many, or just one winner) receives diamonds and a piece of furniture usually.

Below is a voting example.

When it comes to room designs, you get one with no specific furniture requirements per day, with a daily reward too. Which is keys and diamonds I believe. The rest which you can enter have a selection of requirements.

Below is a design example.

An early example of my room entries.

An example of the store.

Overall, I’ve been playing the game for a couple of days (21/02) and I’m really enjoying it. I used most of my diamonds to buy keys after the above photo. And now I am just waiting for more rooms to furnish!

I’ve been successful in my designs more than not, and so have received a few free items, but one catch is you can only use them 4 times before you have to buy them again, and this is annoying.

Another issue I have found, it some of the offers to get you free diamonds don’t quite explain what is required of you. I’m often leaving after I’ve clicked the offer. One off was to download and run a game. Which I did, the game was a cooking and serving game, I didn’t mind it, but I never received the gems for doing it. An automatic support email said I have received the gems, but I have not. You get an inbox message in-game telling you when you receive your freebies.

The game is free though, so I don’t mind watching some videos of my own choice to earn diamonds, and I hate waiting, but I will!

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