Green Ratz Update

Going forward, the new name for these posts will be “Warpstone Driverz”! It took me a while to think of a team name and of team colours. I started the model with no clue where I was going with it. I started painting the back green, for warpstone, and my brain was just trailing around my memories, and warp drive popped up. And then something clicked.

So the colours, the red and the yellow of the Star Trek uniforms, my logo will be a mutated/distressed Star Trek logo. I hope to make the team names variations of Voyagers crew too.

This will be the first team I finish with such a strong pop culture theme. My Amazon team will be Wonder Woman themed, and the team names with one model painted so far. It isn’t quite finished, needs different hair I think. I was trying to make it look like the old comics, with black high lighted with blue, but it doesn’t work here. I will re-try it. The thing which scares me the most about these are the tiny stars.

Something which I think I’ll be putting in its case to be painted at a later date, is “Troll & Brain” as I just cannot decide how to paint it! I have applied a green wash, then painting it grey and blue crossed my mind and now I am stuck!


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