Fresh Orcs (Da Tuff Nutz’)

Games Workshop Converted Orcs

I have started my new paint job on my team, with the Black Orcs. They were the least finished of them all.

I’m not changing the colour scheme much, apart from removing the gold/bronze, and I am making their trousers a bright white, instead of dirty white. I wanted the to look jarring originally, but I now think the colours of the armour do that already. I am stuck on whether I want the armour to look a little more damaged than it currently is but that can always be added later.

When I base, the side of the bases are always painted to match the models rather than colour coded for positions. I am going to change these ones from graveyard earth, the bright red of their armour. Red makes them faster after all!

Fresh Orcs
Black Orc repaint


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