Sukubus Valkyries

The Sukubus Studios Norse team were the first Indiegogo campaign of theirs I pledged to. As a group, “Team Romford” were all planning to take Norse to the Naf championship and this was the team I wished to take. They only just arrived in time for me to get them table ready, but they are not finished yet. Almost though. My favourites were the Ulfwerners and the Snow Troll/Yeti. I really love those models.

I’ve tried to finish painting this team many times now, but I decide I don’t like it, and do it different. The Big guys I think are done, apart from some edge tidying. The hair is mostly done on all of them. They are quite fun to paint, but I’m not the best of painters, and get quite frustrated when it isn’t going well! But they are on my to finish list at least…



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