Amazon Update

It has been a long time since I first started painting my Wonder Woman Amazon team. My roster included silly names and the colours were all themed. Sadly, I only ever painted one model.

I am competing in a tournament in October where I couldn’t decide what team to take, and as deadlines make me paint, I decided on my Amazons! Here is a comparison between my old WIP and the new. The red has been added to her since this photo, but here is a question. The mask hair was originally a bone/brown colour and the Amazon hair was black dry brushed blue (to try to represent comic book colour black hair). On the new Amazon, I am considering painting the Amazon hair a brown or blonde, and the mask hair blue.

I am also not sure on the fabric at the front of her shorts, blue to match the shorts? Let me know your thoughts if anyone has them! Thoughts I mean, not shorts…


My old painted model is creeping me out. I’m not sure what happened to her face…

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