Skull Devils

Today I picked up my Skull Devils team from the post office. I pledged towards the Green Ratz team Goblin Guild created, and I pledged to this one because I loved those models so much, and thought they would go great together. I even have a case just for these two teams, exciting!!

I opened the box, then I went to work. Soon as I got in from work I had a closer look of the team. I am really pleased with the resin models, the bigs guys are great models! The whole team are very detailed, some of the metal has bled a little, and I am not looking forward to cleaning them up.

I am looking forward to the being cleaned up and washed of, you can really feel some kind of residue on them. I expect this is mould release, but I am not 100%. You may notice the goblin coach and shaman included, I added them in the pledge manager.  Goblin Guild added an orc lineman during the pledge manager after the release of Death Zone 2, I added him too.

Below are some close ups of some of the Marauders, including some shots of the flash.

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