A Challenge

Since 2017 I have wanted to build a blood bowl stadium. I know it’s been at least that long because the scenery I bought to build for it, was still unbuilt in its box with the Royal Mail delivery date on it!

Moving on to 2020 an I seem to have acquired a huge amount of metal minis, which in my head, were for my Blood Bowl stadium if I ever built it. But it was always a later event. I’m not really sure what changed but something did. I started writing notes, and sketching what I have been imagining all these years.

I’m going to apologise for the photos you are about to see!

After creating these sketches I felt I should start with something achievable, I hit my tablet and…. sketched some more.

As you can see, food is key! I sketched out some of the moveable vendors I had ideas for in my notes, and actually was very happy with them. I’ve never really built anything before, apart from one building when I first wanted to create this stadium. A big factor in this build for me is the inconvenience a stadium would be for the game. I have played many games of Blood Bowl, and I really feel that having huge buildings and stands in the way could become annoying, meaning I want things to be moveable.

I have now made a start on the vendor carts. I have tried to make each individual and based on my sketches.

If you studied my pages of notes above, you would see I have other building plans.

~Bugmans Bar featuring store room and kitchen.

~Alchemy store?

~Infirmary next to a graveyard

~Snotling wizard home (mushroom roof?)

And I think that’s enough info for now!

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