A Challenge II

After building the base structures of my vendor stands, I decided to start working with some Milliput to see if I could try and sculpt. I wanted to add those little bits from my drawings, adding character to the carts.

Quickly, I have a little sculpting experience. I have a degree in fine art and my schooling up to that point included various sculpting. But all on a much larger scale. Even since then, most of what I have used is Fimo, sculpy and air drying clay. I have used putty for the odd ball and sandbag, but nothing super detailed.

The first stand is a Halfling Pie Cart (undisclosed tasty meats).

As you can see, it’s quite a high cart for a Halfling, so I tried to work out how or what he will use to reach the counter. I think I am going to add a little step onto the back of the small folk carts, and some boxes scattered around. 

The main thing I wanted to try and sculpt was pies. And I found it quite tricky because in my mind I had relatively flat pies, with an angled based and a wavey crust edge. As I tried to sculpt this image, I flattened all the details out. I persevered with that idea and have a very flat pie.

I waited a little for the putty to be less soft and tried again with a much better result. I created a couple different styles too, to add some diversity.

That is all I have created so far for the halfling stand. The cart itself is still just a frame really, I used a wooden log as the wheel which causes it to sit odd if it’s moved. (Which I’m quite happy with). I want to add a little rack for the pies, and I do worry about what kind of heat source they used to cook the pies, but I haven’t got that far in thoughts yet.

That does lead on nicely to the Squig on a Stick stand!

This stand was a challenge to build. I wanted it to look very different from the halfling stand, but using all the same materials. I raided my bits and found some old wheels, and set to building around them. This cart is also built differently because the handles run all the way through, whereas they were the last addition to the halfling cart! MISTAKE.

So, heat source. I cut a hole in this cart with the idea of putting something in there. At first I thought, a wooden hole filled with fire? Very greenskin. But decided to sculpt a basin full of hot coals (I realise now, it was a perfect missed opportunity for a skull!). As well as crafting that, I needed to craft squigs on sticks. I didn’t try too hard, thought keep ’em simple. And just used a scalpel to make a splinter.

Pretty happy with how this has turned out, even if it took ages to build and was really annoying.

The last and definitely most exciting Vendor was the Shrooms for All.


The stand itself was pretty simple because I figure, if night goblins run it, lots of material would fit the theme.

The first thing I created was the canopy of the stand. I intend to create some more fabric to roll across the counter, and I hope to create some nice folds at the front of the stand. This stand was really fun to add to, I feel it’s a lot easier than the others as it will be a “permanent fixture” at the stadium, no wheels needed! The mushrooms also don’t need cooking, so I’m not trying to work around a heat source.

I then use some Milliput lumps to surround the canopy support, which I’ll paint to match the base of however I do the area it will sit. Then I went crazy and made lots and lots of mushrooms of all shapes, and then a little cauldron and a pot to hold mushrooms.

I want to add a log with mushrooms growing on it and a “fresh” sign, as well as add mushrooms to the canopy and the stall.

I can’t wait to work on this some more! I need to add some texture to the carts, make the wood “look” like wood. And make more little bits, that is so enjoyable!

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