Vendor Stand Update.

So, I would say that the first three stands are built and ACCESSORISED enough.

Let me remind you of the sketches, and I’ll show you what I have built.

What do you think of where I went with the sketches? I know they aren’t 100% the same as the sketches, and they are a little amateur looking. But I am an amateur so they will do.

I asked on Twitter some thoughts from you all on what else I could try to create. Some of the suggestions were things I was already considering, and some were things that just slipped on by! I’m going to share those sketches for you to see for now, and update what I’m working on later.

An addition for the halflings. Halfling stew. Maybe cheeses too.
I really like cheese, so it needs to be included SOMEWHERE.
This one should be lots of fun too make. It will be an Orc/k vendor. How does an orc stack tee shirts.
Just flaming skulls basically.
Basic layout of my bug and bar. Possibly. I’m putting off building this one because I am nervous to build it.

Let me know if you enjoyed my update! Also, please ignore the squished pie. Now I’ve made a few and have got some experience using the putty, I’ll make better ones.

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