New brushes.

I upgraded my brushes to the Artis Opus Halloween set. I also bought a size to S and a Medium drybrush.

The brushes I’ve been using for a while are Broken Toad MK brushes. They’re wearing out and splitting as I paint now. I’ve also tried a few other brushes. I bought a redgrass 2/0 and did not like it at all. I’ve also tried a WN and Feldherr brush. Returned to my BT after all.

So far I have used only the size 2 S AO brush. I was hoping this would replace my BT size 2, the brush I do EVERYTHING with.

I am enjoying the brush, it’s easy to get all over the minis and it has such a fine point I’m able to be very precise. HOWEVER, I’m used to being able to fill large spaces very easy with my old 2, and this one is a little harder to do that.

I’ve also tried the drybrush which is very different to my old brush. The only thoughts I have so far are that I wished I had a smaller one, and switching between colours is very annoying because of all the water in the brush after cleaning.

This was all based with the dry brush.

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