A squiggicle update

For the longest time I put of painting my mangler squig. I was really excited when it began, I had bright colours in mind and a really challenging blend idea!

I got stuck when it came to trolls layer orange. It is just so thin, it was super hard to get a good consistency consistently! Especially when trying to do the blend between orange and blue.

Thankfully, the wonderful community of people on twitter led to me returning to this guy and trying again. I’m happy with him now. For the snotlings, I struggled again with the green flesh. If I’m completely honest, painting anything has been a struggle lately. IM TRYING OK!

On the base, I tried to think more than flowers and grass. I left a little path where maybe the ball and chain destroyed some grass, and tried to make it look like flowers and leaves were swept up as it flails around. I don’t think you can tell by the photos, but I’m happy with it.

I also thought I’d show you my squigs all together on this quick display base I made for them to chill.

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