We’ve got a good thing going.

A real good thing going.

DG7 Green Dragon
It amazes me that this was £4.95!
My Instagram Post

So, I saw this dragon when I first visited Warhammer World. I’ve since thought about it often and was gifted it this year by my partner.

As expected, it is heavy and the joins are not seamless. I have covered the gaps so far, and hopefully done a decent enough job. I’ve tried to make the texture I created in keeping with the rest of the mini. The only thing I’ve really changed is to make a spike out of a lump I couldn’t work out on his back.

To do the sculpting, I used brown stuff from green stuff world, and a metal sculpting tool.

For colours, I was thinking moot green and a pale yellow belly, but looking at the paint job above, I may imitate it a little.

Green Dragon

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