Let the Rescuing Commence!


We set off from the keep following our new companion. There was something about this woman that I just didn’t trust. What it was I wasn’t sure, although it has something to do with gold I believed.

I noticed Alenka casting a spell, which appeared to cover her in a rock like armour. Is she expecting an attack so close to the home of the Arl? She suggested a way through the trees leading to an old bridge with a good place to rest of the opposite side. 

We come upon said bridge, however it is hanging down from the opposite side of the chasm. Of course it is. (Our DM Richie seemed to have a little issue saying that word, so KAZM was written on our battle mat for his ease!) Just as we were about to investigate the bridge and explore ways to cross, the sounds of the forest were disrupted by grotesque animalistic, yet eerily aware, grunts and growls. DARKSPAWN! Such terrible disgusting looking creatures running towards us at an alarming pace! 

Nearby wad a bus that looked to be very hideable. Damn it, one of the creatures saw me. The rest of the group rush the hooded elf. I am a fan of sneak repeatedly try and back stab my enemies. It doesn’t work as often as I’d like. The warrior and dwarf set about to carving pieces from the bad guys, Alenka doesn’t really seem to do anything, yet the bad guys get beat.

After that, it’s time to cross the bridge! The dwarf and I ponder the use of rope, we both have one. I try and throw the length of rope across onto one of the bridge post on the other; it annoyingly does not catch on the post. So we try and shoot it across. With a thunk, the arrow sinks into a wooden plank. I was hoping the arrow would fly in between the planks, and hook over. The dwarf then starts tying the rope around him and suggests I wrap in around a bridge post and hold it. With a raised eyebrow I suggest he holds and I try and cross. The dwarf realises the logic and complies. The plan fails and I smash into the side of the chasm. So we sit on a log and knock some heads together. 

Whilst we were trying our plan, the warrior had walked off; we look over now to see the human and what turned out to be an apostate, trying to cut down logs. Surely that is not the simplest way! Sure enough they manage to hurt themselves and the log rolls away.. The dwarf and I help and we get the fell try across the gap.

With ropes tied around each other, we try to cross in turn. I succeed, the Elf apostate however falls. Luckily there is a rope attacked to him, he fails again! The dwarf tried to cross, fell, manage next time. Alenka suddenly strolls across with no assistance at all. And the elf finally manages to cross, as does the human warrior. 

On the other side, there is a nice place to sit and rest. I proceed to hunt for dinner while the other heroes’ faff about. Alenka follows me, great she is going to scare the game away! Brazenly, she suggests that we would get a lot more gold if the children were held to ransom. I like to be coy, so I raise and eyebrow, she chuckles and returns to camp. When I return, the elven apostate has called the group together and put her offer on the whole table. No decision can be reached, as the dwarf is being so stubborn. She then tells us she has a conspirator with the children, and that she will allow us to make our decision then.

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